How To Get on MarketSpace
How to Use MarketSpace to Purchase a Lead
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View MarketSpace Leads
Select Payroll Lead
Make a Proposal

Practical ways to use MarketSpaceTM

Users can identify and upload unwanted leads in MarketSpace and get paid when they close. MarketSpace will pay you if the lead closes in MarketSpace (all compensation or payments from MarketSpace are optional).

Users can mine (review and uncover sales opportunities) their book of business (customer database) using the MarketSpace ProspectorTM, the prospector surveys your existing customers about their satisfaction level with their products and services, then replaces them with a better product or service (preferably your product or service).

Users can search MarketSpace by specific profile, product or service.

Users (small businesses) can create sales incentives programs (using our MarketSpace MasterCard and Visa debit cards) for their existing customers to send leads to their small business.

Users (small businesses) can create exchange partners with complimentary businesses to create leads on MarketSpace for their small business.

Users (small businesses and affinity groups) can create sales incentives programs (using our MarketSpace MasterCard and Visa Debit Cards) for their vendors and strategic partners (those with complimentary businesses) to send leads to their vendors and strategic partners.

Users can search and purchase a specific type of lead in MarketSpace, you pay only if the deal closes.

Users can create a request for proposal (RFP). This will insure the user is getting the best deal on their product or service. The user can invite competing companies on to MarketSpace to make a proposal on their RFP.