How to Repair a Flat Tire

How to Repair a Flat Tire:


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Everyone that has driven a car has heard that stomach turning sound of a tire going flat on the highway. Many of us will pull out our phone and make a call to our spouse or to AAA to give tell them what has happened and where you are located. Hoping they will come sooner than later to help you change your tire. After your tire has been changed and the spare is placed on your car, what can you do to repair the tire that went flat? Here is an excellent way to repair that tire without giving your hard-earned money to your mechanic. Here’s one way to repair your tire that will always work. First, purchase a tire repair kit, you can purchase a kit online at Next, jack the car up and take the tire off the car. Now you will need to find the hole in the tire. An easiest way to find the hole is to do a visual inspection of the tire to look for any foreign objects such as a nail or screw that may have lodged in the tire. While completing the visual inspection, you should also listen for any air that may be coming out of the tire, this could also tell you where the hole is in the tire. Finally, if those methods do not work, put the tire in water and look for any bubbles coming from the tire, the bubbles will tell you where the hole is located. Once you have located the hole, you will need a grinder tool with lubrication and a needle, all of which should be in your tire repair kit. Use the needle to make the hole wider, this will make it easier to get in and out of the tire. Then take your grinder tool and insert the lubrication in the hole then go in and out so you can clean the area as well as possible.  Next, take the other tool with the needle, take one of the black tar pieces, put it in the needle and push it inside the hole in the tire. When you reach the about halfway down you can then cut the extra piece off. At this point, your tire should be sealed enough to put air in the tire. Review your car manual for the correct tire pressure to put in your car then put air in your tire and put your tire back on your car and take it off the jack. Congratulations, you have just repaired your car without giving a mechanic your hard-earned cash.


By Kasper E. Mingo with assistance from Trenton Wallace

Mr. Mingo is the Co-Founder and CEO of MarketSpace USA, a software company that helps car dealerships make the transition from a traditional to an online or hybrid car buying model. Mr. Wallace is an oil and lube specialist at Valvoline Oil & Lube

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