How to Change Your Car Oil

How to Fix Miscellaneous Things on Your Car without a Mechanic

Step One:

The first thing that you want to do is find out the oil and oil filter required for your car. You can find this out by going to Enter your car’s year, make and model and it will tell you the exact type of oil and filter that you need. You also will need a hydraulic jack to lift the car.  You can purchase one from and have it delivered to your home. Jack the front end of the vehicle off the ground enough so that you can easily locate the oil pan under the car, most of the time on the oil pan it will say engine oil. You may want to use a flashlight to locate the oil pan. After you have located the oil pan you will need use a wrench or ratchet to loosen the drain plug. After loosening the drain plug, take the drain plug completely off and let all the oil drain out. Be sure to have a drip pan for the oil to drip into for disposal. While the oil is draining, locate your used oil filter and carefully take it off. You will be replacing the old oil filter with the new oil filter you purchased from Insert the new oil filter in the exact place you removed the used oil filter from. After the oil has finish draining, dispose of the old oil and close the oil pan back up again.

Final Step:

The final step is to get a drain plug so you can pour the new oil into the engine compartment. Be sure to use the correct oil, look on the top of the engine oil cap, it should list the name of the oil that goes in your car. If you cannot find it there, it will likely be in the car manual under repairs or oil change. Then find your spot to pour the right amount of oil for your car. Most cars will take four quarts of oil, you can also purchase oil from Next, find your dipstick, it’s normally sticking out of the engine and is a yellow or blue in color. Check your dipstick by first wiping it clean then re-insert the dipstick to make sure that your oil level is correct. If your oil level is below the bottom line, you don’t have enough oil. If the oil level is above the top line, you have too much oil in the engine. The correct amount of oil is where the oil touches or is even with the top line on the dipstick. Re-insert the dipstick, lower the car, close your hood and you’ve just changed your oil without a mechanic. Good luck!


By Kasper E. Mingo with assistance from Trenton Wallace

Mr. Mingo is the Co-Founder and CEO of MarketSpace USA, a software company that helps car dealerships make the transition from a traditional to an online or hybrid car buying model. Mr. Wallace is an oil and lube specialist at Valvoline Oil & Lube

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